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SELPA Trainings at a Glance
Trainings at a Glance 2018-19

SELPA Tentative Training Schedule 2018-19
SELPA-wide Trainings 18-19


WHEN: August 5 - 7 2019 (8:30 TO 3:30)

LOCATION: 2775 Yard Street RM 3
Oroville, CA

Start your year with a foundation for success. Dubbed a more evidence-based alternative to Boys Town, Life Space is a three-day interactive course with role-playing, video analysis, lecture, discussion, and skill demonstration around the dynamics of conflict, counter-aggression, de-escalation, and appropriate interventions.

Trainer: Michael A. Perry, MSW. Associate and Master Trainer for the Life Space Crisis Intervention Institute

Butte County SELPA Members: $90
Non-members: $180

Register: https://bcoe.k12oms.org/2224-170932

Flyer: https://5il.co/8nqa


Presented by: Liz Fuller, M.Ed, BCBA

Training includes two three-hour sessions tailored to paraeducators covering principles of reinforcement, functions of behavior, data collection, the escalation cycle and application of behavior principles in the classroom setting.

* All four trainings cover the same content.

Training #1 (8:30 - 11:30)
August 5 & 6 -https://bcoe.k12oms.org/2224-168613

Training #2 (12:30 - 3:30)
August 5 & 6 -https://bcoe.k12oms.org/2224-168618

Training #3 (8:30 - 11:30)
August 12 & 13 -  https://bcoe.k12oms.org/2224-168620

Training #4 (12:30 - 3:30)
August 12 & 13 - https://bcoe.k12oms.org/2224-168621

Location: 1870 Lincoln Center Rm 44 - Oroville 

Cost: $10.00
Checks/P.O.’s made to:Butte County SELPA
ATTN: Jenny Dolan
1870 Bird Street Oroville CA 95965

Flyer: Understanding Behavior Behavior Flyer

DATA - Creating, collecting, and analyzing data for informed decision making and intervention selection.

DATE: AUGUST 29, 2019

LOCATION: 1870 Bird Street, Oroville

TIME: 8:30-3:30
Presented by: Liz Fuller, M.ED, BCBA and Tara Yarberry M.A., BCBA

BCOE SEPA members $10
Non-members $25

CHECKS/PO's made to:
Butte County SELPA Attn: Jenny Dolan
1870 Bird Street, Oroville, CA 95965

Flyer: DATA training


DATE: September 3, 2019

#1 12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
#2   3:10 p.m. - 5:40 p.m.

“Both training options will be the same, just offered at different times. The
training will focus on the basics (input of special education student information, progress reports, transition plans, goal writing, some services, invitations, etc.) and some special tips and tricks to help users become more efficient.”

LOCATION: BCOE Boardroom - 1859 Bird Street, Oroville

Flyer: SEIS training #1 & #2

L.R.E. and the learning center model

WHEN: September 10, 2019  (8:30 - Noon)

LOCATION: BCOE Board room - 1859 Bird Street, Oroville

This training is for team members looking for creative solutions for inclusion at the elementary level.  The least restrictive environment isn't just another acronym. The extent to which your programs include special education students has a direct impact on student achievement, graduation, drop out rates, school climate, attendance, compliance, and student and parent engagement.

Butte County SELPA: $10
Non-members: $25

Trainer: Aaron Benton, SELPA Director

Register: https://bcoe.k12oms.org/2224-170876

Flyer: https://5il.co/6aj2

P.O.D.D. club

WHEN: Multiple sessions:

Sept 18, Oct 16, Nov 20, Dec 18, Jan 22, Feb 26, Mar 18, Apr 15, May 13

Location: 3881 Benatar Way #C in Chico 

Intended Audience: Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Parents who wish to develop habits that can empower our students with complex communication needs.

PODD practice workshops offer 1.5 hours of monthly PODD immersion and ongoing support for PODD Communication users.

Monthly topics will include:

PODD Habits: Using Chat Words; Providing Partner-Assisted Scanning; Commenting and Expressing Opinions; Initiating Communication; Something’s Wrong; Making Requests; Asking Questions; Requesting Actions – Do Something; Using Categories; Verbal Referencing; Commenting – Using Descriptions; I have an idea; I want to show you something; Let’s go!

Cost: No fee for this training


Flyer: https://5il.co/8nq9

why try

WHEN: November 6 & 7 2019 (8:30 - 3:30)

LOCATION: Butte County Office of Education - 1859 Bird Street, Oroville

The WhyTry – Level 1 training is a two-day course that will prepare you to use the WhyTry Program in a real-world setting. The course includes a discussion of WhyTry’s ten visual analogies, an introduction to WhyTry music, a peek at several of WhyTry’s learning activities, opportunities to practice teaching through role-play, as well as a discussion of how to apply the program in your specific setting.Recommended for classroom staff working with at-promise youth in alternative education, community, and special education settings to address issues of motivation, attendance, student engagement, and school climate.

Trainer: Bjorn Trejo    Email: bjorn@whytry.org

Butte County SELPA: $200
Non-members: $599

Register: https://bcoe.k12oms.org/2224-169679

Flyer: https://5il.co/8nq8