Escape Technology

The Butte County Office of Education (BCOE), districts and other local education agencies are now live on the Escape software!

You are strongly encouraged to attend the working sessions if you need assistance.  If you need any assistance with logins, contact the System Support Help Desk. If you need Escape installed on your computer(s), contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk.

Since the Escape software has many user resources, both within the software and online, all users will be directed to these resources first when contacting System Support for help. The FAQ’s are designed to answer some basic questions, so refer to those first before contacting staff for help. System Support is not available for one on one training, so we encourage you to ask a co-worker or Financial Services staff for more personal assistance, if needed. 

The Escape Employee Portal is ready for viewing and performing certain tasks.

Please fill out this form indicating your system access needs: Escape Access Form


Training Materials:

A new resource has been added for your convenience in the form of a Cost Center crosswalk. Cells in green are the unique identifiers that should be used to get the same reporting results as BusinessPLUS.   

Inventory in Escape

We will be reviewing purchase orders with receiving, how to track inventory, what information is needed to populate various fields in Escape, etc. We encourage you to attend one of these sessions to learn more about the inventory module, as this will replace BITS. It will also prepare you for the upcoming Physical Inventory day. 

Escape Inventory Training

Purchase Orders with Receiving Process

Physical Inventory Checklist


Requisition Basics

All BCOE users are permitted access to this video through their work account. Districts may click here to request access.

Purchase orders/requisitions can be entered and submitted in production. Enter the balance of 17-18 blanket purchase orders and any future purchase orders/requisitions you will need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. I’ve forgotten my login. What should I do?

Your login will be the first letter of your first name and all of your last name.

2. I’ve forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Email System Support for assistance with PASSWORD RESET in the subject line.

3. I don’t see the Escape icon on my desktop. How do I get the software installed?

Email the ITS Helpdesk and request that it be installed.

4. I don’t see all of my accounts that I work with. How do I see the entire list?

Email Financial Services with a list of the missing accounts.

5. I need help creating a requisition/purchase order. Who can I ask for help?

Review the Online Resources in the Escape software first. There are tutorials, webinars, how-to’s and other written documentation available to all users.

If you still need assistance, ask a co-worker, Accounts Payable, or the Fiscal Services Senior Administrative Assistant.

6. What account should I use when coding invoices, timecards or journal entries?

A searchable crosswalk between the org key (BusinessPLUS) and the account (Escape) is posted on BCOE’s website listed under “Training Materials” on this page.

7. What reports are comparable to BusinessPLUS in Escape?

A report crosswalk is available on page 19 of the “Escape Navigation Training” powerpoint listed under “Training Materials” above. Other reports are available with descriptions as to type of report under the “How-To’s” listed under “Tools” in the upper right hand corner for each modules’ Reports section.

8. I don’t have access to an account that I need for coding, budgeting, etc. What do I do?

Work with your Fiscal Budget Lead about account access. It may be that the account doesn’t exist, a component is incorrect, or the user permissions need to be adjusted.

9. How can I get help from System Support for my problem?

January will be an extremely busy month for the System Support staff. Reports such as 1099’s, W-2’s and ACA reports will have to be produced in addition to going live on a new financial system. System Support will not be available for one on one training at this time, so you are encouraged to seek help for other sources. The software has many resources, so you will be asked to use those first. A second option, after using those resources, is your co-workers. 


System Support
1859 Bird Street, Oroville, CA 95965
Fax: (530) 532-5759